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Arranging for independent inspection on board of the vessel or at the custody/storage area for reducing the risks of loss exposure to the parties concerned.

  • Ullage survey for tankers to ascertain the cargo on board
  • Draft survey for Dry cargoes
  • Tallying of break bulk cargoes
  • Cargo condition survey
  • Ascertaining the bunker quantities on board at the time of delivery or re-delivery of the vessel
  •  Inspecting the extent & cause of damage to the cargo
  • Inspection the extent & cause of damage to vessel or shore equipment
  • Vessel Condition Survey
  • Pre-purchase vessel inspections
  • Pre chartering vessel inspection  
  • On / Off Hire Vessel Condition Surveys
  • Shore Tanks Survey
  • Pipeline transfer survey
  • Container Survey , Stuffing & De-stuffing
  • Warehouse Survey