Agency Services

CSC’s agency department aims to to provide the highest quality agency service to shipowners and operators in a safe and timely manner. The company is offering a comprehensive range of shipping agency services to Principals' satisfaction.

Our Head Office is in Tehran, Iran and we have branch offices at all Iranian ports.

Our activities for agency attendance to the ships (particularly gas carriers) can be outlined as follows:


1) Obtaining agency appointment and confirming attendance to the agency aspects of the relevant vessel's call

2) Notifying our branch office to mobilize and to make necessary scheduling and planning in advance

3) Calculation of EPDA and its submission to Principal

4) Making payment to local service providers and submitting the payment receipt to them to take initial steps for the vessel's smooth registration

5) Establishing contact with Master and provide him with all necessary guidance and pre-arrival information

6) Close contact with the Master to monitor the vessel's status and to collect the required ISPS forms and documents such as ISSC, SSO, P&I Certificate etc

7) Passing all documents to our branch office for necessary processing

8) Preparing the Registry Form, IMO Declaration Forms, Formal request for registration and inward/outward clearance of the vessel and submitting such a request to the offices of the Immigration, Customs, Port and Quarantine authorities by hand

9) Referring to the financial department of the port authorities to obtain their formal approval for registration of the vessel

10) Establishing contact with the Master to define the exact position of the vessel's tanks

11) In case tanks conditioning i.e. gassing-up and cooling-down operation are required, to be in very close liaison with the Master to make necessary preparation for smooth performance of such an operation

12) Coordination with terminal and give them notification about vessel's requirement at time of arrival for loading coolant

13) Obtaining the terminal's readiness to accommodate the vessel for taking the coolant and advising the port authorities

14) Arranging for the terminal to announce their readiness for accommodation of the vessel to the port authorities and close follow-ups with the latter to arrange for the pilot to board the vessel at the earliest possible opportunity in order to take the vessel alongside in a smooth manner

15) Making necessary coordination with the shippers’ surveyors to ensure their timely attendance upon the vessel's berthing

16) Referring to the offices of various Guards/Immigration/Customs/Quarantine authorities and taking them to the vessel for inward clearance 

17) Assisting the Master throughout the vessel's voyage to/from the loading port in whatever direction necessary

18) Keeping the Owners fully posted of all the vessel's movements and attending to all instructions

19) Close contact and communication with shippers to seek instruction for issuance of documents particularly the B/L

20) Monitoring the progress of the loading operation and reporting to the Principal  

21) Preparation of various documents by our branch office such as Statement of Facts, Mate' Receipt and Cargo Manifest

22) Making arrangements with the Guards/Immigration/Customs/Quarantine authorities and hiring a tugboat to bring them to the vessel for outward clearance 

23) Very close liaison and follow-up with the Port Control and the Pilot and the tugboat service provider for smooth unberthing of the vessel (in case the vessel needs to return to berth after tanks conditioning for the main loading, to keep in constant contact with the vessel, terminal, pilot and the port authorities for the vessel's reberthing and loading operations)

24) Providing the documents to Sea Pars Tehran and reporting to Principal in a timely fashion

25) Collection of the original documents from our branch office, sorting out and forwarding to Principal (if so required)

26) Referring to the offices of the port authorities and tugboat service providers to collect the invoices for the services rendered to the vessel and forwarding the same to Tehran Head Office.

27) Calculation of Customs surveillance and overtime charges, making payment to the account of Customs authorities and collecting the original Customs receipt 

28) Preparation of Final Disbursement Account and its submission to Principal for conclusion of the case

CSC is well known in the Iranian shipping industry with the following characteristics:

  1. Reputable name in the market, enjoying trust and recognition in the local shipping community.
  2. Firm background both in shipping and economic sectors.
  3. Efficient operation of the ship.
  4. Experienced and qualified personnel working with the company for many years, which assists efficiently to the daily running operations of the company.


CSC has an in-house and family management team and the background of its management is stretching back to 35 years of experience in the shipping industry encompassing every aspect of a ship’s day to day operation covering technical, manning, insurance and chartering.

It is our conviction that every ship is only as good as the men that sail her and we have taken several steps to achieve the desired standard in the management. Calm Sea Culture is well familiar with the ISM Code which means higher management standards, and ISPS Code.

We have a very cordial relationship with the Ports and Shipping Organization, Customs and Immigration authorities as well as the Port Health Department, the surveyors and other people connected with shipping interest.